Zhongue quanfa journal day 4

Sifu explained today after class, that the anual promotion ceremony is related to the Chinese New Year, and it's zodiac signs.  Set on the Traditional New Year morning, the Water Snake promotion will be an interesting and remembered experience! XD
It is becoming more clear to me that Zhongue Quanfa is a mix of modern and TCMA.  We often use a mma stance, but step using the 5 Basic Stances.  Although the style has southern roots, there are many high kicks that are used and deep stances such as pu bu(crouching stance).  
I am happy that I am gradually learning a few pressure points, and that I can relate many of these movements to my previous studies.
That's all for today, there isn't much to write about because recording every specific routine would be completely bore me as well as you, so I'll keep 'em sweet and short.