Zhongue quanfa journal day 3

3rd day back, we worked with pads to practice a couple punch-kick combos, and then we did solo kick combinations, where sifu asked me to demonstrate the axe kick. He claimed my kick would be a KO, but more importantly, he asked me how I developed it, and I replied with home practice, as I am not allowed to tell anyone the real reason.
After kicks, we tried some block-punch combinations in bow stance, as well as stepping whilest doing the movements.  Next, time for crane applications, and the class ended with info on the anual promotion day in Feburary.  Sifu explained that he does not believe in tests, but he simply tells you where he knows your level is at, and possibly hands you a belt?(I've seen pictures from the previous and first promotion)...He also said that anyone is welcome to compete in the next tournament, provided we ask him.  I am thinking of demonstrating a form, because I prefer that over sparring(also, it seems less of an aggresive competition when you are by yourself, and simply showing what you got to the judges.), but I barely know 1 form! XD  I guess I will have to learn it all!