Get up and on again

Simple. I have decided to start training more seriously and figured a training log is a perfect tool for that.

So start today: 10.12.12. Started training around 21. Figured my basic techniques needs abit of refreshing so I put on my boxing gloves to start with my boxing. First I went for 10 of all basic techniques on my sandbag. Jab, right, left hook, right hook, spinning backfist from both sides. After doing those I did the same techniques only with step into the technique, sidestep to both sides, strike while moving backwards, and ended with just delivering the technique from a grounded stance. 10 of each. Felt a lot better than I was afraid.
Then I deicided to mix in some Muay Thai techniques. Same punches, but I also added elbows, knees, kicks to it. Started off with 10 of each technique. The kicks practiced was the tee, the step in front kick with both legs, roundhouse with both legs both high and low, sidekick both legs, spinning back kick, straight front kick to the face, and outside/inwards kicks. All felt a lot better than expected. Repeated these for a couple of times, and started working on other aspects of Muay Thai. Flying knee, Spinning back elbow, and clinchwork. And in the end I practiced my superman punch wich I have struggled a bit with earlier but for some reason seemed very good now. Lost track of repetitions.
Then I did a little free sparring on my sandbag (all the training I had small 1 kg weights strapped around my legs. Felt realy good and I gained some confidence and motivation. Lost track of time and suddenly my girl wanted to go to bed. But I have just got started so I`ll train some more later before bed.


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Looking forward to reading your log as time goes on. Keep it up.