Original Name: 
Founded By: 
Master Shaker Saberi
Country of Origin: 

Hosharafu is a Martial Arts Style which was developed since 1995 by Master Shaker Saberi from Afghanistan
It's combined from four Persian worlds (1) Art (2) Ability (3) Combat (4) Techniques  which mean (The Art and Ability of Combat Techniques) all the techniques, movements and kicks names are in English Language.
This martial art style includes Punches, Kicks, Self-defense, Cold Weapons and Forms, the practitioners show their Arts, abilities and Combat techniques during the fight, they show that how they can get a point or score from their opponent with a very unique technique, first strike is very important in fighting championships of  this style, if two competitors become equal at the end of the fight, the winner will be the person who get the first point, Hosharafu is the only Martial Art style which have just (1) round of 3 minutes fight, Master Saberi designed the fighting system of HOSHARAFU Style that there is no chance for the second round.
Valid Targets with Legs
1.    Head
2.    Body
3.    Legs
Valid Targets with Punches
1.    Chest are only (no Face Punch) Fighting techniques
You can use any kind of kicks to legs, body and face but you can use punches only to the chest area, throwing, locking and breaking is not allowed during the official fight competition. Saving Guards during the fight (Head Guard, Chest Guard, Half Finger Gloves, Knee Guard, Shin Guard, Jockstrap and Instep Guard.
Uniforms: Martial Arts of Hosharafu is the only one martial art style which use (6) colors of uniforms 1.    Black Uniforms    (for students) 2.    Red Uniforms       (for students) 3.    Green Uniforms   (for students) 4.    Yellow Uniforms  (for teachers) 5.    White Uniforms   (for teachers) 6.    Blue Uniforms      (for teachers) Note: these 6 colors description is: the white uniform is Olympic Flag color and the remaining 5 colors are 5 circles of Olympic symbol.
Grading in Hosharafu style is a belt system start from white belt to yellow belt, green belt, blue belt, red belt and the last is Black Belt and after black belt 1st degree to black belt 10th degree.

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