Tai Chi Chuan Philosophy

Tai Chi Chuan PhilosophyThe Tai Chi Chuan Philosphy is fundamentally based around the symbol of Yin and Yang (pictured right). It depicts the principle of opposites connected in harmony illustrating:

-The desire to avoid extremes

-The desire to obtain mental and physical balance

-The desire to find a method of living in harmony with world forces.


The philosophy if Tai Chi Chuan also involves the Chinese concept of 'Chi' , which means 'energy flow' throughout the human body. Tai Chi aims to harness the circulation, balance and strength of Chi within the body.

Most of the emphasis of Tai Chi Chuan is focused on very careful and  always flowing movements.

Tai Chi Chuan has always been closely linked with the philosophies of Taoism, that of the Yin and the Yang and of the "non-action". The name Tai Chi was taken from Taoism - it is a concept of philosophical symbolism; it stands for the primordial emanation of the Tao.