Philosophy of Hosharafu

Hosharafu which is a discipline of Martial Arts which was founded by Grand Master Shaker Saberi since 1995, he made this Style of Martial Arts after research and study about other styles of Martial Arts and make a complete style and system for combat, health and self defense which is now practiced in many countries of the world, this style is a multi system Martial Arts and much concentrate on physical exercise, self defense and reality base techniques, Hosharafu is suitable for all ages and genders anyone can study Hosharafu Martial Arts for different purpose.

Hosharafu is abbreviation of four Persian words
  1. Ho (Honar) Art
  2. Sha (Shayestagi) Ability
  3. Ra (Razmi) Combat
  4. Fu (Funon) Techniques
(1) Art (2) Ability (3) Combat (4) Techniques which means ( The Art and Ability of Combat Techniques ) in this style the fighters and competitors show their Art and Ability which they learned during the training of Hosharafu.
Hosharafu is made of four categories:
  1. Forms: the movements of hands, legs and body which make a combination of offensive and defensive movements is called forms
  2.  every belt have one form.
  3. Weapons: Weapons is also an important section of Hosharafu which we use (Sword, Long Stick, Double Stick and Spear) each weapon have its own form, we can use forms of weapons during demonstration and competitions.
  4. Self Defense: the combination of offensive and defensive movements of hands, Legs and body which make a form for attack and blocking from opponent or from a weapon or the movements that you use to save your body is called self defense, self defense is the real fighting techniques which we can use in a street fight, self defense is combination of all Hosharafu techniques.
  5. Fighting: fighting is the most important section of Hosharafu, we have multi systems for Combative competition in some of them  we use full protection guards and in some professional fights we are not using any kinds of Guards for more information about fighting please download the Rules.
There are 5 kinds of fighting styles in Hosharafu 2 is amateur and 3 is professional
Hosharafu Amateur Fights
  1. Hosharafu Semi Contact or Point Fight
  2. Hosharafu Full Body Fight
Hosharafu Professional Fights
  1. Hosharafu Total Body Fight
  2. Hosharafu Fatal Fight
  3. Hosharafu Submission Grappling
The above fighting styles have its own rules and regulations, please before entering to Hosharafu study the rules and regulations very carefully.
Hosharafu Belts Philosophy:
  1. White Belt is the first belt in Hosharafu and in our Philosophy the white color is stand for peace which means every person which join the Hosharafu style they work for global peace.
  2. Yellow Belt is the second belt in Hosharafu and in our philosophy the yellow color is stand for separation which means if we work for the global peace we should make our self separate from the peoples who are not working for the peace.
  3. Green Belt is the third belt in Hosharafu and in our philosophy  the green color stand for progress it means do hard work and achieve your targets and bring progress to your tasks to be successful in your targets.
  4. Blue Belt is the fourth belt in Hosharafu and in our philosophy the blue color is stand for coolness it means if you want to be successful in your targets and progress in your tasks you should be cool and think in your mind before starting anything.
  5. Red Belt is the fifth belt in Hosharafu and in our philosophy the red color is stand for blood, it means make yourself like blood because every human need blood and you can be useful for everyone, make friendship with every one and fight against drugs and fight for the global peace, humanity, Humility and Generosity.
  6. Black Belt is the sixth and last belt in Hosharafu and in our philosophy the black color is a  steady color, it means if you want to do the above tasks from white belt philosophy to red belt philosophy you should make yourself steady and loyal, the steadfast and loyalist is the door for achieving your targets.
Hosharafu Uniform Philosophy:
In the Martial Arts of Hosharafu we use six colors of uniforms (White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black and Red) the white color is the Olympic Flag and peace flag and the remaining five colors are the five rings of Olympic flag and five continents of the World, The Meaning of Hosharafu Symbol is to unify all five Continents and work for peace between them.
Weapons Use in Hosharafu Martial Arts:
  1. Long Stick
  2. Spear
  3. Sword
  4. Double Short Stick
Uniforms of Hosharafu Style:
  1. Black Uniform
  2. Red Uniform
  3. Green Uniform
  4. Yellow Uniform
  5. Blue Uniform
  6. White Uniform
Hosharafu is the only style of martial arts which use 6 colors of uniforms and all techniques are in Persian and English language both languages are acceptable.