Baguazhang philosophy

The underlying philosophy of Baguazhang is that of 'change'.

Based on the natural laws of Daoism, we understand that the world, and everything in it, is in a constant state of change.

The martial art of Baguazhang seeks to emulate this. A Baguazhang practitioner is able to engage with an opponent, and at the moment the opponent commits to strike, the Baguazhang stylist changes his whole body; his postition, his intention, his movement - this literally takes the feet out from under the opponent, who has built his attack based on his understanding of us - an understanding that is now out of date!


The power of a Baguazhang practitioner is equated to that of highly sprung steel - it is hard, yet springy, with deep spirals going through the structure, developing the force. It is this twisting force that gives rise to the 'Eight Mother Palms' - these are the eight key expressions of energy/force used in Baguazhang.

Heaven Palm - Upwards and forwards

Earth Palm - Downwards and inwards

Fire Palm - Containing, squeezing

Water Palm - Spiralling and twisting

Wind Palm - Cutting

Mountain Palm - Rising and Falling

Lake Palm - Concealing/holding

Lightening Palm - Zig-zag