last month was amazing. not only did i grade to red belt, but at a social dinner an announcment was made (unbeknownst to all present)  for the 2012 Dragons. This is our clubs highest honour, only 2 are awarded a year, and it isn't done every year if the Master doesn't feel it is warranted. It isn't just about being a good martial artist, it is about attitude, commitment to the club, helpfulness and just overall development personally as well as with your martial arts. i felt i would be considered for it, but not being a chodanbo or black belt, and with so many fine people of those ranks before me that have trained for so much longer i thought my time may come for this in a few years time if i kept up my hard work. What an honour to receive it now! The other recipient is a 1st dan and we were sitting together and after he received his the Master spoke of the next recipient- a friend sitting behind me said "It's you!" I didn't think so as a few of the points made could be a number of people, when the next points were about training through the adversity of injury and then about going over a car, i obviously knew it was me. With a "He should have been a black belt 20 years ago, Cris." i stood up a bowed deeply to receive the coverted patch for the back of dobok. What an amazing night! so, that is a thrill and an honour to be thought of so highly, but i have no thoughts of resting on my laurels, i now believe i must continue to show i was the right person, and that is how i address the next steps in my ma journey.