Spinning hook

Yes, bad posture, but I was pushing it as high as I could go. My flexibility is too bad to do this properly.

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Ya, but nice pic still :D, and I notice your feet off the ground yes?(or is this just the way it looks) Is that to be a Jump spinning hook (the way the kicking foot is turned almost looks more like a crescent...but it could be the timing of the camera)
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Yes it is a jump spinning hook kick as it says above the pic, a very bad one at that. I am about 1 foot off the floor at the point. I am actually very oddly only wearing one slipper as you can probably see. The reason is because it took multiple goes to get he camera on timer for 10 seconds and shoot at exactly the right point, and a couple of goes between my slipper shot off when doing it with my right foot on a previous attempt, almost breaking some antiques! My back should be straight, I admit it is very poor, but I guess not bad for someone who has only been doing Taekwondo for 6 months at the time of the photo.
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Wow, you did that on the 10 second timer! LOL, my camera has that function! I could never get an action shot near as good as this on my timer! Believe me, I've tried. I give up every time and go for a still pose :-)
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It looks good to me, but what do I know, lol!