Machetes added to My Blade Collection!

More machetes added to my ever growing blade collection!

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More machetes added to my blade collection! Saw these at the flee market and I couldn't pass up $5.00 machetes... so I bought them! And they seem to be of good quality too!!! An excellent addition to my growing blade collection! I will be practicing escrima techniques and even some maculele movements with these :)
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Looking good! $5.00 sounds like a great deal.. are they sharp?
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no they aren't sharp at all. I probablly will leave them that way for use as a training tool.
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Wow, those are beautiful! Yes, I would say leave them like they are and train with them only. We don't want you chopping someones finger off, hehehe, just kidding! I was thinking of starting a collection myself, but I am more into the Samurai Swords and knives etc. Will post some pics. Ciao ciao
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Thanks, my knife collection is constantly growing as well. I do have a few samurai style swords. Only 3. 2 katanas and a wasakashi. I do love the beauty of Japanese swords, my collection there hasn't grown in some time though. I have a few other blades as well. I have a pic somewhere on here with what my mini collection consisted of maybe 4 yrs ago. I will probably post a update pic of my current collection one day when I get a chance.