Tai Chi Chuan Legends

Tai Chi Chuan LegendsIt is a Chinese martial art. This art of was kept secret for many centuries, and it was passed down only to the selected students. In turn those expert students passed the secrets of Tai Chi Chuan to their students. However, from the last few centuries this style was taught to other Chinese people as well (only among the selected group). The latest news of the style is that it recently available for Western people also. Let us go through some of the legends and their works in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Chang San-Feng: (960 – 1279)

Chang San-Feng was the founder of this art. He was born in 960 AD (end of Sung Dynasty). He was a very intelligent man, who was mastered in Shao-Lin Chuan. The foundation in Shao- Lin Chuan helped him to develop the great martial art form.

He developed the original thirteen posters of this art. However, the original forms and posters were no longer seen today. He codified the operating principle in a writing form that enacted in modern forms today.

He created this style mainly for health benefits and he wished all mankind should enjoy the health benefits with the help of this style. While creating the postures he mainly focused on health related things and he believed that by regular practice of this art people can lead a healthy life.

Chang San-Feng: (1279 – 1368)

It was believed that there were two Chang San-Feng and the later was born in 1279 AD. His scholar name was Chun Shee and Chuan Yee. He was highly regarded with many awful magical powers and so he became very much famous with the local people. Apart from these three names he is known by verity of other names as well.

The Yang Family:

The Yang family plays a great role in Yang Style of the art. This style is a unique one in the domain of the Chinese martial art styles. Yang Lu Chan founded this style and passed the secret to his sons, grandsons and great grandsons. They all have researched and work together to develop, change and spread this great style.

Yang Lu Chan: (1799-1872)

He has the interest in Chinese martial art right from his childhood and he started learning Chang Chuan from his childhood and reached a formidable skill level in the art. He learnt the art from the 14th generation of Chen Family Chang Xing, which became the foundation to create Yang Style of the art later.

Yang Ban Hou & Yang Jain Hou:

They are the great sons of Yang Lu Chan. At the time of death of their father (during 1872) they learnt the secret of this art from their father. They are the second generation representatives of the Yang family. The Yang brothers followed their father studying Yang Style of the art right from their early age. Yang Ban Hou was skilled at sparring especially adept in using staff.

Yang Jain Hou had no interest in the beginning to learn the art; he was practicing only by the compulsion of his father. His father’s watchful eyes made him skillful later and there was a great improvement as well. Finally he became the man of great talent. He revised his father’s old frame into medium frame. This legend had become the master of sword, spear, saber and weapons as well.

Yang Shao Hou: (1862 – 1930)

He learnt the art from his father and his uncle from his childhood stage. He is forceful in nature and stands for injustice suffered by others. During his young age he learnt the great part of skills from his father and he also learned the middle frame establishment by his father but when he grow up he changed the direction.

While releasing energy he seemed to be crisp and hard and he made sudden sounds as well. People can see the spirit on his eyes that split into all the directions flash like a lightning. This legend’s imposing manner was quite threatening.

He was practicing his students to strike the opponents quickly when they come to contact. While teaching the art to his students he expresses the full spectrum of emotions. Apart from these family members, Yang Cheng Fu, Yang Zaho Peng, Yang Shou Zhong Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhen Duo, Yang Zeng, Guo and Yang Jun also played the great role of this Yang Style Thai Chi Chuan.

Yang Jun:

He was born in 1968, who is the sixth generation descendant of the creator of Yang Style of the art. He is the present and future bearer of Yang family heritage. He started his training when he was five years old. He is skilled in saber, sword, push hands and many other forms of Tai Chi. In 1995, he serves as a vice President of Operations and Training of the Shanxi Province’s Yang Style Tai Chi. In 1995 he became the precedent of International Association. He is the first member, who lived outside of China. This living legend was certified as the highest level national judge in 1996 and he was the head judge of National Tah Chi Chuan Competition in China in 1998.

The Great Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching:

The Great Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching played a great role in Tai Chi Chuan. He is the best and unique individual of this field. He also played a great role in making the art available to Western students.