Kickboxing Legends

One of the latest martial arts popularly practiced in different parts of the world emerged from Thailand and is called Muay Thai. Surprisingly something of the sort had surfaced in the twelfth century among Siamese solders under the name Muay Boran. Quite interesting about this art also is the fact that founders seem to be dispersed everywhere such that the kickboxing techniques varies as well in such countries as the US, Japan, and so on. Even with this, the history tends to point at two key individuals whose origin is Japan.


During the beginning of nineteen fifties, there existed a man called Osamu Noguchi, a proficient boxer and a passionate fan of the game from Japan. Apart from that, he loved travel and adventure around the world where the tournaments were held but one style (Thai Muay) of Thailand impressed him. Coincidentally an inventor of Nihon Kempo Karate-do, Tatsuo Yamada eyes captured the same thing and he sought to re-invent the style and in 1959 he came up with the label Karate boxing.

Having been the only two fans of Muay Thai sport, Tatsuo Yamada and Osamu Noguchi got together and furthered the style by coordinating it to Karate techniques. The latter is attributable for the derivation of the term “Kickboxing” that became popular very fast but only after many tournaments. Osamu Noguchi is also creditable because of forming the World Kickboxing Association in Washington D.C after which the sport became well entrenched not only in Japan but also in the rest of the countries. There is a major contradiction on this part because Osamu is also said to have formed the very first kickboxing organization in his country apart from this.

Simultaneously, another American, Howard Hanson is claimed to be the father of kickboxing in this part of the planet. Even as these two characters are believed to have shaped the modern sport, Osamu who died in 1967 legacy is more emphasized than that of his partner Tatsuo Yamada. Another noticeable point about Thai as the origin of Kickboxing is that no specific individual is picked from the groups and credited for being the key developer. The above individuals are confirmed to have invented the incredible martial art where the participants used elbows, knees and kicking techniques to devastate the opponents.

Rob Kaman, an Amsterdam born also commonly known as the living legend and started martial art training in 1976. A few years later Rob was competing during the days of sport giants like Urquidez and Wallace. Jan plas of Mejiro gym and Muay Thai arts expert was a major influence in Rob’s career direction as his instructor and though he lost his initial fight to a French man what came later was a string of successes. His intercontinental advancement happened when he knocked out Blinky Rodriquez in the second round with a slight kick.

He is remembered for winning the first World Kickboxing championships in Europe after knocking out John Moncayo in 1983. Having fought the greatest stars in Thailand like Samart Prasnmirt and many others during different matches in varying places between then and October 24th of 1999 it was mission accomplished. Rob Kaman last fight was against a twenty one year old Alexei Ignashov, a recreational world champion and as usual fought with the same spirit to close his kick-boxing career chapter with a clean win.

Rick Roufus is an American kick boxer who is also considered a legend in the modern times and is now based in Arizona. At forty-one years, Rick has six kickboxing titles under his belt for World Kickboxing Championships and one of his techniques is also the famed Muay Thai. In the mean time, the quench for even bigger challenges such as MMA titles is underway for him and remains one of the stars with a mixture of martial arts skills.

In addition to the above American kickboxing experts, Benny Urquidez famously known as The Jet is a self-starter that showcased his fighting talent when he was way too young having been raised in a family of professional sports people. In 1993 at forty-one, he decided to retire from an already blossomed career and defended the title against a Japanese fighter Yoshihisa Tagami and retained it. The rest of his days from then were spent as a Kick box instructor and also pursued other dreams in acting. Having won nine black belt titles in different styles of the game and a founder of ukidokan karate among other great achievements Benny Urquidez is a true legend of all times.