Zi Ran Men History

The history of Zi Ran Men surrounds one man, Du Xing Wu (1869-1955). When he was 13 years old, Du was introduced to the wandering master Xu Ai Zhai, who, due to his short stature, was known as 'Dwarf Xu'.

Dwarf Xu taught Du Xing Wu intensively, and when he was 18, Du got his first job as a bodyguard. He kept this job for many years, and faced hundreds of life-or-death encounters with various bandits and villains.

In later years, he served as bodyguard to Sun Yet Sen during the Xinhai revolution, which overthrew the Qing Dynasty in 1911.

Du Xing Wu also went to Japan to further his academic eduction, where he frequently fought with Japanese martial artists to defend the honour of the Chinese people against the ever-increasing anti-Chinese feeling growing in Japan.

However, the most important fact we know of Du Xing Wu, is that amongst his many students, Du taught a man named Wan Leisheng.

Wan Lei Sheng completed a 7 year discipleship with Du Xing Wu, where he was able to learn and master the full system of Ziranmen.

In 1928, the Chinese government organised a national martial arts tournament in Nanjing. The tournament was brutal, with no protective equipment and limited rules. As the tournament went on, more and more martial artists were seriously injured, so the organisers took the decision to stop the tournament before any matches resulted in death.

Wan Lei Sheng, 26 years old at the time, was already a highly skilled fighter with a reputation for his superlative fighting skills. He dazzled onlookers at the tournament, but in a semi final match against a White Crane boxer, Wan sustained a serious cut to his hand from his opponents teeth, and was forced to withdraw.

Officially, he was placed as 48th on the list of competitors, but was so certain that his skill was higher than virtually all of those placed above him, he tracked down each master and challenged them to fight. And in these matches, he did not lose. The only person placed above him that he did not challenge was his good friend, Ku Yu Zhang.

Following his success against the other competitors, Wan Lei Sheng was named one of the '5 Tigers of the North', and travelled to Southern China to spread his boxing method. He was also rewarded for his success by the Guomingtang Government, who made his Director of the Kwangsi Province Martial Arts Academy, and gave him the title of 'Major General'. Because of this, Wan Lei Sheng was able to spread his teachings widely, and this has caused Ziranmen to spread and plant firm roots.