History of Hosharafu

Hosharafu which means (The Art and Ability of Combat Techniques) is a discipline of Martial Arts which was founded by Grand Master Shaker Saberi since 1995, he made this Style of Martial Arts after research and study about other styles of Martial Arts and make a complete style and system for combat, health and self defense which is now practiced in many countries of the world, this style includes Grappling Techniques, Submission Techniques, Self Defense Techniques, Street Fight Techniques, Forms, Cold Weapons, Meditation and Yoga, Hosharafu is a multi system Martial Arts and much concentrate on physical exercise, self defense and reality base techniques which you can use in a real fight to protect yourself against weapons and your opponent in a real life, Hosharafu is suitable for all ages and genders anyone can study Hosharafu Martial Arts for different purpose.