Baguazhang Grading

There is no traditional, formal grading system within Baguazhang.

Similarly to most other Chinese martial arts, there are differring levels of student:

Student , Disciple, Lineage Disciple

A student will receive the basic level of the art, a formulaic approach, which would act as a foundation for moving onto the advanced training that a Disciple would receive, should the master feel the student is deserving of becoming a Disciple.

Should the student prove themselves worthy, and be welcomed as a Disciple, they will receive specialist training in particular aspects of their art. They may go on to become teachers and masters in their own right, though they will never hold the full lineage of the style, as they have not learned and mastered every aspect. As such, their students can never become lineage holders, without seeking teaching from a lineage holder.

The Lineage Disciple is someone who the master feels will be suitable to carry the responsibility of carrying on the full art to the next generation. They will be highly training in all aspects of the style, and will be able to take on lineage disciples of their own when they are sufficiently skilled.