Tai Chi Fighting Applications - Ward Off

Demonstration and text explanation of two potential applications for the movement 'Ward Off'.
Videos taken as part of a training session, as demonstrations - not intended to represent actual combat at this beginner stage.
Part of the Medway Tai Chi Society - http://www.medwaytaichi.tk


ashley's picture

Good video James. The slow motion replay really shows the force applied in this technique - very powerful. It's a shame the attack was not more realistic though, the distance was quite a lot, meaning you had a lot more space to step into, thus being able to increase your energy over a longer disance before you made contact with him. Excellent tutorial and well edited.
Medway Tai Chi Society's picture

Thanks for the feedback, Ashley. The footage was filmed last year during a lesson, so a lot of the movement was 'expanded' to allow a clearer view of what was going on - that is partly why I chose these clips to go into making this video, as it would be easier to make out what's going on.
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Yeah the attack was poor but it's often difficult to get students to attack properly, it's like they don't believe you will successfully avoid the strike so they pull it or strike to the side of you. Or maybe they are scared of what you will do to them. Techniques good though James and I like the video.