"The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts Mesa, Arizona" - Aikido demonstration

The Budo Shingikan is an authentic Japanese Dojo located in Mesa, Arizona.. In this video Sensei Darrell D'Antonoli demonstrates Aikido. Call 602-574-6061


Chaleira's picture

Some nice demonstratioins. Thanks for sharing!
D'Antonoli Sensei's picture

Thanks Chaleira, I appreciate the compliment :)
Karate Kitty's picture

Great share, definitely good demonstrations! Learnt a quick move or 2 there..
D'Antonoli Sensei's picture

Thanks for the shout out! My Aikido Sensei was a long time practitioner of Shotokan Karate and all that I learned about it came from him. Great system! Thanks for the compliment and good luck with your training!