End of class roda

This is a video of one of our end of class rodas that some one from our group shared on youtube. We were beat from all the training....well, I know I was! In case you're wondering, I'm the second "male" to jump into the roda (group's logo on my shirt). I was sloppy that night, but had lots of fun :-) Thought I'd share it here~


clouddragon's picture

Sloppy No, you look sharp mate! The blonde girl in the green trousers looks skilful is that your lady? :)
Chaleira's picture

Sharp! Really!! Thanks :-) I think I could've cleaned up a lot more though. As for the lady in the green pants, unfortunately, I'm not the lucky guy LOL. Skillful she is though, she just got her green cord the last weekend. Well deserved!
jorellana93's picture

This looks totally intense and really fun! Must have the most craziest adrenaline rushes!
MisterMike's picture

I love watching capoeira! Thanks for sharing this!