Capoeira highlight video from 2008 event

This is a highlight trailer video from my first capoeira batizado that took place in March 2008. It was a 4 day weekend filled with workshops, demonstrations,lots of rodas and lots of fun!!! Enjoy~


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I think this is probably something for another site as not really a martial art ?
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Hello MasterKungable, this is an Afro-Brazilian art called Capoeira. It is a martial art that not only encompasses fighting elements in it, but elements of dance and acrobatics as well. It's was a system developed by slaves in Brazil and disguised at times to keep their art a secret. This link from wikipedia breaks it down even more: . Capoeira is a fighting art yes, but it is much more than a fighting art. It's a life style that encompasses a wide range of things. If you search the internet just a little, I'm sure you can find much more about its fighting aspects as well as the many other aspects that it covers. But feel free, to let me know if you have any questions about the art of Capoeira ;-)
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nice skills dude, Capoeira is a martial art that is something for sure. I like flamboyant martial arts.