Capoeira demo clip

Performing in this very short capoeira clip that was taken of a demonstration put on in downtown Jacksonville, Fl at the Art Walk earlier this year. You will see me come in at about second 0.14. It was an exciting night sharing capoeira with the crowd that was in the area. This is also a lot better quality than the other cell phone video that I posted! So, enjoy :-)


clouddragon's picture

Not bad for a cell phone, nice moves Chaleira.
Chaleira's picture

Thanks clouddragon. Wish it could've been longer though. The video stopped before second half of my game started. But it was a great night.
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Thanks for the upload Chaleira, good to see you at practice. I take it the singing is in Portuguese?
Chaleira's picture

Yes, it is Portuguese. To practice capoeira, you eventually have to learn to at least sing in portugues....or fake it really well :D And the great thing is, that no matter where in the world you visit a capoeira group: Europe, Asia, Africa, North or South America. When the singing starts, no matter what language you speak, as a capoeirista you will be able to join in!
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haha, Very Cool. Looks like a great atmosphere for a Martial Art, if you know what I mean. :)
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Thanks, we actually do this quite often. Hold hold capoeira demos at various venues, sharing the art throughout the community. I'm sure there are quite a view videos posted else where of our group that haven't seen yet. I also have a one or two more that I'm trying to format. Once I do I'll post them as well.