A New season

I have been training off and on in the martial arts for the last 30 years. I am a collegiate wrestler. I presently coach high school wrestling. I am a level 6 commando Krav maga instructor and hold an 2 dan black belt in Naphtali. I have studied a number of  arts and have great respect for most and all practitioners of the martial arts. I am begining a new season in Kung Fu. I am attempting an onine experience with sifu Franklin Fick in Five Family Style. While i realize online experience is not the best I want to be open minded to this experience. I intend to chronicle this experience in this journal and look forward to recieving feeback from some of you. My workout for the first 90 days will be TAPOUT XT and then following the forms design of Sifu Franklin Fick. I will turn in my first video for coaching from Sifu Fick in two weeks. Stay tuned and please provide feeback.


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I have not heard of Naphtali before now and I can't really find a whole lot of info on it. It sounds interesting! Would you mind posting a forum thread on this art? Also good luck on your training with five family style.