Zhongue quanfa journal day 1

My return to my gong Fu classes has been glorious, but I'm a little disappointed in the lack of forms we do. Personally, I think forms are a vital part of training, and they are my favorite part. But my classes don't seem to practice them often. To my knowledge, our system has two forms: tiger and snake. If I had the honor to ever create a set for this style, it would include an opening with dynamic tension and stance/ stepping movements, then go straight into tiger style techniques, then blend into crane techniques, and end with fist movements. It would be a short and simple form yet with various and rich meanings.


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The forms are not important - the techniques that make up the forms are the key. Forget the linked sequences and smash the form apart. Check out these articles for more details: http://www.intermartialarts.com/article/playing-the-form-tai-chi http://www.intermartialarts.com/article/fighting-the-form
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I still enjoy forms though, because they are like reading an encyclopedia. The more you read it, the more you are familiar with the content. Also, they are like a fake fight to me. You can't really practice techniques by yourself because you need a partner for a sort of target, but you can practice a form which has all the different types of variations to the techniques in one package. Forms are definitely important, otherwise people wouldn't practicing them for a 1,000+ years.
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Believe it or not, forms were not a major part of martial training in old times. Training was more like a boxer/kickboxer's shadow boxing, rather than fixed, linked sequences.