MInd, Body, & Spirit

Accomplishing Goals Using Martial Arts Principles
By: R.F. Bresch
In every day life people make excuses why they can’t or don’t deal with their issues. In this article I will explain setting goals as well as three principles of martial arts training that can be applied to all walks of life. Whether it be such things as sports, business ventures, working out or weight loss, or be it the obstacles of life such as drug and alcohol addiction, smoking or any other substance abuse problems. First, let us understand the objective of setting goals.
Setting Goals:
Set yourself a goal but not just any type of goal. Set a long term goal, while your setting goals go ahead and set yourself a number of short term goals along the way that will ultimately help you obtain that long term goal. For example, if your long term goal is to over a period of one year lose one hundred pounds than set the short terms along the way to lose a set number of pounds per week or month.
Setting short term goals along the way helps track your progress. This will help you keep a positive mental attitude. Physically you will want to continue doing whatever it is your doing to accomplish your objective. And lastly, you will have stronger spirit because you are on your way to success.
In the following section I will describe how the three principles of martial arts training can help you live a happier, healthier life. We martial artists thrive to develop these principles through our training and believe that most of our power is derived from these principles.
I. Mind
Your mind is your first and possibly most important factor in accomplishing any goal you set. The proper mental attitude is imperative in obtaining anything in life. Always be alert and aware. Stay focused on what your doing and don’t allow your concentration to be interrupted. Be sure your mind controls your body. A strong mind makes a strong body, and a strong body makes a strong mind. Only with your mental power and concentration can you reach your full potential.
There are seven basic skills that some martial artists believe help keep a person mentally fit. These seven skills are:

Managing your time
Facing your problems
Treating yourself right
Problem solving; a strategy for change
Keeping things in perspective
Building self confidence and self esteem
Learning to relax
II. Body
Your body represents the physical actions you take to accomplish your goal. As a former black belt student of Tang Soo Do, Grandmaster D.A. Giacobbe, I like the way he explained the body in his writing. Imagine yourself as a car. The engine is your mind, the driver is your spirit and everything else is your body. No matter how great the engine runs or how well the driver drives a car will not go very far with a flat tire. It takes a healthy, strong body to support and maintain the mind and the spirit. There are several ways to keep your body healthy, here are just a few:

Never abuse your body with drugs or alcohol
Do not take unnecessary chances which may cause injury
Always stretch out and loosen up before exercising
Exercise regularly and maintain and healthy posture
III. Spirit
Your spirit represents your will power. Your will power is the energy inside you that keeps you going on the right track in order to accomplish your goal.
It is believed that your spirit contributes to at least one third of your power. Many people hear the word spirit and think religion. So what is spirit? Spirit is the life we bring to anything we do. Spirit is belief; Spirit is energy; and Spirit is enthusiasm. When you apply your spirit to life your ability dramatically increases. When you believe in yourself and what your doing your mind and body develop a connection with your spirit. To develop your spirit always keep an open attitude, push yourself to be the best you can be. Be true to yourself and use your spirit to strengthen your weaknesses.
Unfortunately, not all things in life are as easy as we wish they could be. There is always the possibility for unforeseen problems or issues that could come up that may disrupt progress and delay success, just remember to always keep your thoughts positive and your spirit strong. As I’ve said not everything is always that easy, if this is the case for you, you may want to consider other options to help obtain your ultimate objective.


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