The Death of Brandon Lee

Death of Brandon Lee
This article looks into the unfortunate death of Brandon Lee - not only a legend in his own right, but also the son of the most famous martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee.

Assassination or accident? That's the question many people ask when they think of the late Brandon Lee - and that's probably why your reading this article. To understand the truth.

Let's get this straight now, there are a lot of theories regarding the death of Brandon Lee, none of which have been proven completely to be true. However there are some theories that are more widely accepted than others. What can definitely be said is that what happened was a heartbreaking and tragic story. Not only was Brandon in the prime of his life, he was breaking into prime Hollywood action movies and had signed a contract with 20th Century Fox - he was even due to be married to his fiance, Eliza Hutton, in Mexico only 17 days after he died.

Brandon Lee BulletCause of death of Brandon Lee

On March 31 1993 Brandon Lee was killed by a .44-cal. bullet embedded into his body through his front chest and coming to rest close to his spine. He was 28 at the time.

It occurred whilst filming 'The Crow' in a scene whereby Brandon Lee was to enter an apartment only to catch his girlfriend being attacked by a villain. As in the script, the villain was supposed to, and did, fire a bullet at Lee.

Who pulled the trigger

No footage exists of Brandon Lee being shot (and let's hope it never comes to light). Apparently all the footage from the scene was purposely destroyed after the unfortunate incident occurred. There were plenty of witnesses that day, including well known actors and directors as well as a wide range of film crew. It is estimated that approximately 50 people witnessed the incident and on accounts of those people, and now from the man himself - Michael Massee (actor) is the person who killed shot Brandon Lee. Strong evidence suggests that Massee had no idea a real bullet was loaded into the gun...

How did the bullet get on a film set?

After countless witness statements, cross-questioning and physical evidence, the main theory behind how a live bullet came to be loaded into a gun on the set is purely accidental. The production of the movie (The Crow) was running behind schedule  and it was decided that instead of buying dummy bullets, they would make their own from live bullets, by removing propellant from each individual bullet. As explained in the following video, it appears the crew forgot to also remove the primers, as well as accidently mixing up live and dummy bullets...

The controversy - Murder or a gross act of Negligence?

Just as in the case of his father, Brandon Lee's death is surrounded by controversy.

Firstly, it appears that the police investigation regarding the death was poorly carried out. Accident or no accident, many people are astonished that no person has ever been brought before the courts in respect of the case. Surely, live bullets should not go anywhere near a film set? Secondly whoever made the decision to make dummy bullets from live bullets should hold some accountability. There is of course the theory that somebody purposely put a live bullet in the gun that was used in the scene. In such a lack of health and safety routine checks, it seems it may be quite possible that this was the case. The death of Brandon Lee was not the only accident on the set. Crew members had fallen from ladder, put a screwdriver through a hand, crashed a car through a brick wall... the list goes on.

More controversy comes to light   when it is understood that Brandon Lee’s death certificate was signed by a Dr. Leon P. Andrews, the county medical examiner at that time. This doctor even told the media personally that he carried out the autopsy however the official “Report of the Autopsy Examination,” states that another doctor by the name of Dr. C.L. Garrett did in fact carry out the autopsy.

Brandon Lee burriedWritten with respect to Brandon Lee

Writing this article has brought up many emotions... sadness, anger, disbelief... but most importantly respect for a great man. Brandon Lee may have been born into a privileged family, however he had his own ambitions - and having experienced the death of his father at a young age became a mentally strong human being. He was buried on April 3rd 1993 next to his father in Seattle's Lakeview Cemetery.

Was this an act of cold blooded murder, a complete accident, or a curse that not only took the life of him, but also his father? Should someone be held accountable? Let us have your thoughts below.

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Chaleira's picture

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. The whole thing seems controversial to me. It could have very well just been an accident though...or who knows, maybe he got mixed up in something that he shouldnt have...
ajfresh's picture

It happen in 1993 , but just like brandon, Michael Jackson's death was weird , but the federal government investigated. So what does this mean maybe he got mixed up in something that he shouldn't have? Rumors say it was drugs but it was murder and still it happened in California . I have ? Chaleira why did the actress in Hong Kong give Bruce painkillers that was not prescribed by his own doctor? Like why was Michael Jackson left alone with a high dose of drug that was suppose to ease his emotions and cause him to relax from sleep apnea but later killed him because the doctor went and talked on his cell phone instead of watching him
summers86's picture

This is something that will always be debated. The fact that his father's character in Game of Death, fakes his own death in similar circumstances has always stuck with me. I'm not one for pointless conspiracies but I have always wondered about this.
ajfresh's picture

So you implying that Bruce may still be alive? May be he is Jet Li?
ajfresh's picture

There was a recent film Jet li did where he played an officer with Jason Statum where he was suppose to be deceased and he had a plastic surgery done but came back to finish off the bad guys that tried to taken him out they were cops.
Tim-Bo's picture

I find it hard to believe it was intentional
ajfresh's picture

I believe was intentional, it is strange for someone to not check there guns and find a bullet lodged in a 44 cal for 2 weeks and not the the bullet out or report it to authorities.
Tim-Bo's picture

Does anyone have info on Bruces daughter
decker dude's picture

...Elliot Ness in the video, he never seems to age that fella! Back to thread though. I am no expert on guns nor film sets, conspiracy theoreys, or bullets, and neither am i a Detective, OR a health and safety expert. It appears to me though, that this was a whole catalogue of errors from day one. Yes it IS a heartbreaking and tragic story, but i am going to err on the side of an accident, purely and simply BECAUSE no one knows the whole truth, no one knows exactly what happened in the weeks leading up to this tragedy. People can and no doubt will offer up conjecture after conjecture for many years to come, much the same as is still being conjectured about the death of brandons father. Afraid to say it but we will never know the answer, we will never know exactly what happened. All i can say is, may Brandon and his father Bruce rest in peace for ever more. @Tim-bo, i think Shannon has a new film out, not sure what its called though, but i DO know she went through some tough MA training to do it. If i can find the info i will let you know ok!?!
ajfresh's picture

Hey let's just keep Shannon film for the commercials, because we see what kind controversy has already come, we may not know what happen to him or his father because of the incidents, but this is for sure the truth has a way of coming out. Someone will eventually come forth one day soon. It will be revealed.
ralph1's picture

I truly believe that Brandon Lee's death was a true accident. There very few safety measures and things were done that were dangerous. Sad.
ajfresh's picture

No some one was paid off to keep quiet. Tha t's what it is about. What happen to the 50 witnesses? Are they still alive today? There was no accident but murder.
ckytoni88's picture

They are filming a hollywood movie, it wasn't primary school drama. How can it be an accident? SO the people who were suppose to look after the dummy gun, somehow left the real bullets there and THOUGHT they were fake? Someone people want others lives for beneficial reasons to themselves. Money and status wise. This is the evil world.
Karate Kitty's picture

Wow, this is still very sad to read about and watching that video also didn't help with the emotions. Bruce Lee was a legend and so was Brandon Lee. I feel that it was an accident but someone needs to be held accountable for not using precautions and also moddifying live round instead of just getting proper blank dummie rounds!! Realy, this could have been avoided and a legend could still have been alive today!! Thanks for sharing.
ajfresh's picture

I know it sucks to see someone hated bruce this much to try stop his legacy. It is the males that carry destiny.
Rajesh's picture

No doubt mysteries round the both deaths would always trouble the fans of both legends but what more pinches one is the conduct of authorities of Hong Kong and imperial USA who claims to be champion in forensic and other sciences. Its really troubling me when on both occasions there were eyewitnesses and corroboratory material too available then why mystery surrounded both deaths? Is not that criminal negligence on part of both governments? I personally think Brandon Lee was murdered because such a big blunder of replacing bullet cannot take place in ordinary course? Its really paining to find that nobody was indicted for criminal negligence in Brandon's case. I really feel sorry for Lee family. Anyone can provide where is Bruce's family now?
ajfresh's picture

I can agree with you Pitty, Some one will some day stand before God either in this life or heaven about the murder of these legends. Some one needs to be responsible. These were human beings and they were treated like animals to me and I hope an investigation either in 2012 or 2013 to reopen both these cases.
kenshin24's picture

very amazing article, but i think it was a curse. if not, a prophecy that led to not only bruce lee's death but also his son. if his daughter were to go into the same thing as her brother and father, i think she would have shared the same fate. but, amazing article and lets not know where his daughter is because i know she would not want to go into movies.
ajfresh's picture

After this , she would rather have peace and her mom. Both 2 legends gone in 2 decades. I don't think it was prophecy or curse bro, lets call it what it is, unsolved murder. WHy would you want to hear of his daughter s death in the movie?. That's cruel. She beautiful and her mom is beautiful, they are legends in the martial arts system. We need legends like Bruce and Brandon. With the different styles of martial arts Bruce was the very best. Who knows Bruce may have had various styles of Kung fu. He did train with the monks off shaolin. But I dare the same actor that shot Brandon to attack a Shaolin priest, he will not make it too the front door like he did in Holly wood to escape.
ajfresh's picture

Looking at the theory video of Brandon I don't think that was an accident. Why wasn't anyone charged in the murder of this Great martial artist son? Could it be that there were jealousy on the set? Was Brandon on his way to become the next Bruce Lee in modern films. You have Jet Li, Tony Jaar, Jackie chan and just to name the few , and new The Ip mann. They are pretty close to Bruce Lee's style, But no one would have features of Bruce like his son. It was not a curse it was murder. I believe this case should be reopened. Someone on here should investigate what really happened. WHERE is the actor now that KILLED him? IS he still acting? WIll he kill someone else if he doesn't have a star role? This will be bought up on Facebook and twitter . Brandon and Bruce should have justice.
Trueth's picture

I can not believe anyone with common sense would accept this as an accident.He was killed in the same way his father was in his fathers last movie,Bruce died under questionable circumstances. They both were on the verge of making American cinema debuts with what would have been big money leaving the Hong Kong Cinema Mafia ruled cinema out of the picture.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. They Murdered both him and his father.
ajfresh's picture

Hey brotha,I agree with you 150% that they both were murdered and Betty Ping who may have been paid to poison Bruce and Michael Massee and others should be brought to justice it was not a curse. check this article out thy also killed David Karedine becuase he was close to exposing them.
mama b's picture

You know what father and son where great legend , l live in remote africa but you know what l know we know about bruce lee and his movies great lad , brandon lee equally a good lad . Someone must pay for it . We all know bruce lee in africa as Kung fu master.
ckytoni88's picture

If this scenario happened all over again, will you people still think its an accident? negligence? Common. A real bullet got mixed up with a fake one. A professional industry with millions of investment, mixing up fake bullets with real ones? Its funny to read how silly some people are to believe this world is such a nice place. As the write says, no one was brought before the court for investigation. Bribery? Any chance? Of course we are only acting like its not a murder because of the benefit of the doubt. But this was created by the lack of investigation. This was a world star. How can police investigations be carried out poorly on a death of someone known worldwide? If this happened all over again to any other actor, I'd love to say how u people will call it an accident.