Only starting to understand now..

It's funny how when you start a Martial Art, and I am sure many of you go through the same thing, that it realy takes years to truly understand certain aspects of it.  I mean I have been doing Karate for 3 and a half years collectively now and I am only now starting to understand things such as:

  • How to do certain techniques
  • Why we do certain techniques and why we do it a certain way
  • Why stances and correct posture is important and many more..

It feels like I am growing into my Shotokan Karate skin and getting more comfortable in it.  Stances, strikes, technique and all start coming and feeling more natural. Almost like it is a part of me, as if I was born with it inside.
I want to be honost without sounding vain, I was born with a natural sporting ability and I have always excelled in sports such as Netball, Athletics (sprinting) and karate. Even with all this glorious talent I just coudln't get to where I wanted to be at the rate I wanted to be there. And now I have finaly grown up in my art and seen the light..
And let me tell you how great it feels, it's like the frustration is gone and I have more faith in myself and my ability.
I am much more excited to go to class these days. Sensei opens his mouth and I understand, I am even familiar with the japanese terms now. Strange how you just wake up one day and you know!! 


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that is great to hear you say that. i hope to see my teacher again. i do understand what you are talking about when it comes to striking, stances, techniques, and seeing the light. I am excited and I can not wait until I see my teacher again. I'm going to be a successor to Shotokan Karate.
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Nice entery Kitty. The martial arts are a wonderful, long term challenge. Next year I will have been training for 40 years. Yet, even now things happen that totally change how you view things. Not just the 'hows and why's', but principles and concepts. Theories come and go, or overlap. You find things all the time. Practising something I've for 30 years - week in week out. Suddenly : how have I missed that ! It really is wonderful.
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i think u might benefit from an article i just posted, (Martial arts education) take a look let me know what you think.