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Ninja Weapons and tools - Comprehensive list

Ninja Weapons
A comprehensive list of Ninja Weapons and tools, including with their Japanese name and how they were used in the art of Ninjutsu. This blog post looks into the most common pieces of equipment carried by a Ninja.

We do not condone the personal possession or use of the weapons listed in this article. Most, if not all, of the items listed here may inflict serious and/or fatal injuries on both the user and non-user, therefore please take this page as an educational reference only.




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Nunchaku / Nunchuks and Kata

Nunchaku Kata
For kata one has to perform basic movements which are pre-arranged in a sequence. Nunchaku Kata involves these arranged movements which are targeted to hit an imaginary opponent. This Kata is not only about movements but also about how the practitioner can execute the movements a close to perfection as possible with excellent posture and commitment.

Where are Nunchaku from? The first ever mention of this weapon is found in Chinese history. Mountain soldiers used two pieces of wood and tied them together using horse hair and were orginally used  as horse birdles. The nunchaku became more popular in the 17th century on the island of Okinawa, and until this time was not a weapon, but rather a tool to beat rice and seperate beans from their shells.

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