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Basic Training tips

Basic training tips.

The best martial art

I started learning Martial Arts when I was inspired by Bruce Lee and the Kung Fu TV series with the late David Carradine as a kid. At the age of six I began learning Judo, at seventeen I switched to Shotokan Karate. Following thereafter I studied Shu Ku Kai Karate, Tai Chi Chaun, Lotar, (Krav Maga) Kickboxing and Taekwondo under the late Master Kul Suk Chang, coach of the Australian Taekwondo Team for the Olympic Games. For a while I studied Taekwondo, Close Quarters Combat and Zen Do Kai consecutively.


What is life?

The freedom to live in peace.

To love.

To strive for a better tomorrow.

I saw a movie the other day, Fight 93. A movie about the last plane hijacked on 911.

Cross training in martial arts.

The benefits of Cross Training in Martial Arts