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Accomplishing Goals Using Martial Arts Principles
By: R.F. Bresch
In every day life people make excuses why they can’t or don’t deal with their issues. In this article I will explain setting goals as well as three principles of martial arts training that can be applied to all walks of life. Whether it be such things as sports, business ventures, working out or weight loss, or be it the obstacles of life such as drug and alcohol addiction, smoking or any other substance abuse problems. First, let us understand the objective of setting goals.
Setting Goals:

Martial Arts Education

A Real Martial Arts Education:
Are YOU Getting One?
by R. F. Bresch
The martial arts are universal in their appeal. They have something for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The martial arts are generally viewed as methods of self defense and are often used as a means of physical conditioning. What the martial arts truly mean to you depends on your individual purpose for training.