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Five Family Shaolin

I am one month into Five family Shaolin Kung fu. The forms are good. I appreciate the Xing yi breathing techniques. This is a much different approach to martial arts than i am used to. The last five years i have been training in Commando Krav Maga, Naphtali and generally focused on slef defense and close quarter combat. This has been much more violent and invigorating. I find that Kung fu is contemplative, I like it. 

A New season

I have been training off and on in the martial arts for the last 30 years. I am a collegiate wrestler. I presently coach high school wrestling. I am a level 6 commando Krav maga instructor and hold an 2 dan black belt in Naphtali. I have studied a number of  arts and have great respect for most and all practitioners of the martial arts. I am begining a new season in Kung Fu. I am attempting an onine experience with sifu Franklin Fick in Five Family Style. While i realize online experience is not the best I want to be open minded to this experience.