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When Negativity enters the dojo?

Hitotsu Jinkaku Kansei ni tsutomuru koto (Seek perfection of character)

Hitotsu Reigi wo omonzuru koto (Respect others)

What if?

The question in my mind, is what if I had joined karate at an earlier stage of my life? How would it have affected me? I surely would not be the same person;is what comes to mind instantly. Half the things that occurred in my life, may never have come to be and perhaps I would have found the happiness as well as confidence I have now, much earlier. Would my resolve be the same as it is now? I do not know that for sure, I was always a dedicated person but who knows.

It was a reflex... honest!!!!

So me and a friend were walking along talking and laughing after a pretty lame day. We had walked quite a distance, when out of the blue I saw my friend's hand raised up and coming down to strike me; before I knew it, my hand had blocked with an age-uke(Rising block) and grab with that same hand like I was taught and then performed a Nukite(Spear hand) to his ribs.

Dojo Sweet Dojo

As a person with a not so peaceful past, I have felt the negative effects of this world, but thankfully I have always been able to go to someone, whether my mother, aunt, sister, friends, teachers etc. There has also always been someplace I could go and feel safe, like a home. The dojo for many is that place, "a sanctum where no evil can reach and where protection is felt from every corner", it is a refuge for many, and can fill the emptiness that a broken home can not. The discipline, the community and the philosophy that go along with it can be equal to a household and the effects similar.