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Only starting to understand now..

It's funny how when you start a Martial Art, and I am sure many of you go through the same thing, that it realy takes years to truly understand certain aspects of it.  I mean I have been doing Karate for 3 and a half years collectively now and I am only now starting to understand things such as:

Loss of a good friend and wonderfull person!

Well, I know that what I am about to share with you all has nothing to do with Martial Arts. But seeing as I feel that you are all like family I thought I would share it anyway.

Grading June

Well done to family and myself for grading this month. We all graded on different days due to cicumstances but graded non the less!
Andries - Black Stripe of White Belt
Monique & Nikita - Senior Yellow Belt
Gert - Senior Orange Belt
Angie - Senior Blue Belt
Myself - 2nd Senior Brown Belt


Wow, I missed this place!! I was away for quite a while now, been busy with my big girls and exams. We haven't even been to class for the last 2 weeks! It has been very bad for me not to go but I feel kids education is fara more important at this stage.
We even missed our grading on the 29th of May!!! But it's ok, we are going to hopefully grade this week. So SUPER DUPER EXCITED to get back to training, to see my Sensei and to get back into training mode! I feel weak and I am sick at the moment, I need my fix of Martial Arts to get me back into shape of body and shape of mind!!!

Ready or Not?? Grading - 29 May 2012

So last night at class, Sensei hands us our Grading forms. I was like ok, I don't think I am ready to grade again and so soon.

Local Championship - Kumite 26 May 2012

So the kata championship is done and dusted and we all did well. Now for the scary part, kumite.

The Best Sensei in the World!

Well as it happens to the best of us, my hubby was retrenched and now is without a job.

Our Home Dojo - Additions

We have created our own home dojo and it's coming along nicely. We have a boxing bag and tyre mounted to our wall and plan on adding a makiwara next.

Local Championship - 12 May 2012 (Kata, Group Kata, Weapons Kata)

Wow, things are moving fast now! Just completed the Kata Bonanza and now already got word of our championship coming up! This championship is only for Individual Kata, Group Kata and Weapons Kata.

Kata Bonanza - 21 April 2012

Well it is that time of the year again where we have a competition called the 'Kata Bonanza'.
Where all the different clubs from different areas get together to compete solely with kata.


So I do realize that I am far more advanced than my hubby and kids, because I started karate long before I met them. I see them train very hard in class and also how quickly they learn.

Nervous and excited for 2012 Training!!

Well, what can I say?! Wow I am so happy and super excited about making the right descision to start my Shotokan Karate training again this year!! It has given me a new lease on life, a renewed sense of self, a new energy and has basically put the life back into my everyday existance!

Feeling the changes is my physical body and also in my spiritual life is great and empowering. Being able to share this with the man I love and all my kids, gives me an even greater feeling of satisfaction.

Equilibrium In Martial Arts

According to the dictionary the term 'equilibrium' can be defined as:

A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system.

Physical Endurance & Muscles

Physical endurance is the time span between the beginning of physical activity by an individual and the termination of activity because of exhaustion.

Important Points - Six (five) Rules

To make sure you understand Karate fully, you need to not only practice the Kata but also gain appreciation of the meaning inherent in each of the various kata. This is discussed in a very good book by Gichin Funakoshi - Karate-do Kyohan.

However this is not what I would like to discuss right at this point. I would like to discuss in great detail the 6 (5) important rules in karate. Knowing these 6 (5) rules are absolutely essential to any person that want to understand the nature of this art.

Recognizing Nonsense - Myths Around Nukite (Dangerous?)

As I read further in the book by Gichin Funakoshi (Karate-Do - My way of Life),I came upon a chapter discussing myths (Recognizing Nonsense).

DOJO KUN (5 Maxims of Karate)

Karateka seem to forget all about these maxims and the karate way of life, thought it would be a good reminder for all to blog about it!!

Gichin Funakoshi - My Way of Life

I am super excited to receive this book! I do Shotokan Karate and know that it all began with this great man.

Has anyone else read this book?

Benefits of Martial arts for Kids. Yes or No? Which style of Martial Arts is more suitable for kids?

With a bloodcurdling cry, your 6-year-old leaps into the air in a karate kick, raising your hair and blood pressure simultaneously. Before you panic and pad the walls, try channeling this urge into a martial arts class.