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The Story of WADO RYU karate...

The "Wado" story officially began in May 1934 when Hironori Ohtsuka registered his own style of Karate, which he called "Wado Ryu" and was recognized as an independent style. However, its origins were developed by Ohtsuka's continuous study of all martial arts, formulating the "Wado" techniques by combining his own innovations and natural movements found in the other martial arts.


In case anyone hasent noticed, everything has a reason. Weather its a good reason or a bad reason. Karate has the great reason of peace and defence. Everyone should have the oppourtuinty to live a life without depression and aggrivation. Which is why I personlly think that anybody should have to learn martial arts before leaving school. But has to swear and sign that karate and other martial arts is not for aggrivating eachother.


Night after night, I think about tradition in every fighting style. Many people somtimes forget the main purpuse in of martiel arts being created (making peace with your enime). Which is why I am posting this blog to remind people out there that fighting isan 'nt all bad.

Also, you must remember basic laws. Such as only use your technuiqes as self defense. All and more laws should all be wrten in your kumite licence. So please take time to think about these things.