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Learning a new skill

So a few of months ago, I saw my capoeira instructor displaying skill with a straight razor (navalha) in a video posted on youtube. In hand and in foot, switching between the two. I was impressed, and also wondered why at almost 5 years (that was at the time I had be training) I had not known this before. So, about month ago I expressed a desire to learn this skill, as I had only heard of, read of, and seen videos of other people doing it. He showed me a thing or two and of course I wanted to see more.

2012 at a Glance and on to 2013

2012 came and is now on it's way out. This year was a productive year of training for me in both Capoeira and Escrima. Starting in Janurary with our capoeira group changing over with a brand new start, and in February with begining my training in Escrima.

Troca De Corda ceremony 2012

This weekend we had our Batizado and Troca De Corda ceremony. Friday night was the opening roda. Saturday night (tonight) sas workshops all day, and demos/performances, and ceremonies tonight. Sunday will be more a get together, probably a barbeque and more rodas. Tonight was an amazing night. Congrats to everyone who moved up to the next levels! I also recieved my next cord and am looking forward to moving forward! Pics and videos are hopefully soon to come as soon as I can get them all together!

Capoeira Angola experience!

Got a chance when I visited Washington, DC (awaiting flight back home as I type this) to visit the Universal Capoeira Angola Center there. Got some good training exclusively in the Angola style... 2hrs worth, and I'm feeling it now. Though its the second Angola exclusive school I've visited (Mestre Jao Grande in New York was the first.) Its the first one I actually got a chance to train at. Great group! The instructor as well as the studens and I gained a lot from the experience.

On to the next one

Looking forward to my capoeira group's upcoming batizado and troca de corda (change of cord) ceremony 9-11Nov 2012. I don't know if I'm ready to move to the next level. Though I've been training hard, I know I haven't been giving my all by missing classes here and there throughout theh year (though I have my reasons). I feel like I've missed out on a lot. But what I'm really looking forward to is all the awesome workshops by some of the most amazing and skilled capoeira masters around.

An Amazing Escrima Experience!

Today in escrima class we had a special guest. Being new in the art of ecrima, my excitement was high!!!

Why I'm choosing escrima as my second art alongside my first love

I have decided to start training in escrima as my "second" art for a couple of different reasons.

Capoeira Group Changeover!

So, at the beginning of the year (2012) my Capoeira group has had a complete change over and have become part of an even bigger family (oh the excitement!!!) Initially when the group I trained with was founded (in the year 2000) It was founded as Grupo Bantu (I started training in 2007 under that group name). In 2009 (I believe it was '09) my instructor merged our group with his Mestre's group in Brazil (Capoeira Beira Mar) and we changed our name to reflect the merger to Bantu-Beria Mar.

Another 4 years of capoeira to come!!!!!

Before this week, I was concerned. You see, my transfer date was coming up. I have been training in capoeira with my group for 3yrs and some months now... and I was looking at the 99.9% possibility that I would be transferring to a different city who knows where.

Well, this week I finally got my transfer orders and learned that I will stay in the Jacksonville area for another 4 years. I'm excited about that, because I don't have to leave my capoeira group now!

Looking forward to the new year

Okay, so we're at the end of 2010 and tomorrow is the last day of the year. So much went on this year. I found!!! Trained harder in capoeira than I've ever trained before in any style!! And...started training (I call it dabbling...who knows how long it'll last) once again in Brazilian Jujitsu with a friend (co-worker+supervisor) Although I have been thinking about keeping up with it on a more permanent basis, as long as it doesn't interfere with my capoeira training...and it would be cool if I could get the chance to train in some filipino Kali/Eskrima/Arnis as well.

Looking Foward to dabbling more BJJ

Starting today I'll be training more in Brazilian Jujitsu again with my supervisor who is a brown belt in the art as well NAGA Champ and two time PANAM bronze metal (the second time he should've actually been silver or gold, but that's a completely different story) I look forward to getting back on the matts and learning all over again. It's been a couple of years since I last dabbled in this art. I'm looking forward to being really sore. Every Wednesday at 3pm! I'll probably skip out on Capoeira class tonight~

A weekend jampacked with capoeira

This weekend is a weekend full of capoeira and it's not the last for this month. Currently in a hotel room with my mestre and a fellow student in Atlanta, GA. Just got back from a day full of capoeira workshops and events. I learned a lot. My feet are red and blisterd from training all day on the hard gym floor (I really need some new martial art shoes). Next capoeira event I'll be going to is in Richmond, KY on the week after next. This is turning out to be a good month!

Off for a week!

Post#2: I'm off for a week...well, after today! I'm on duty tonight, so when I get off in the morning, I'll be heading to my home state of South Carolina! The occasion isn't that great though. My dad will be having surgery after having recently finished up his kemo treatment for cancer. On the bright side though, there is this capoeira group not far from where I grew up (about a 35 min drive)that did not exist there before. I think it's only been there for a couple of years now or so, and I'm excited about visiting it while I'm down.

My first live MMA experience!

POST#1 Okay, so I'm checking out the blog here for the first time today. Not sure how this works, but here we go!

I'm very excited about just purchasing tickets to my first live pro mma fight tournament. Art of Fighting 9: Apocalypse. This will take place in the city of Jacksonville, FL at the Veterans Memorial Arena on September 4, 2010 at 6:00 PM!

The main event will be a world title bout between veteran welterweights Delson "Pe de Chumbo" Heleno and Jason "The Kansas City Bandit" High.