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This Week in Martial Arts (Sept 07, 2010)

This week has not such a good week for martial arts. I got only a little training in, but some good things still happened, and of course there is my Taijutsu class. Thank god for that because I really needed it after training only a little this week.

This Week in Martial Arts (August 31, 2010)

This week in Martial Arts I learned a few things. The first is the "ki" arm. The "ki" arm is when you bend your arm a little bit. I never understood why the "ki" arm was more powerful or useful but this week I learned that when your arm is stright it is using the tricep only and when it is bent far it is only using the bicep, so when it is bent only a little it is using both the tricep and bicep making it more powerful. I also starting learning the idea of contrappostal.