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Zhongue quanfa journal day 4

Sifu explained today after class, that the anual promotion ceremony is related to the Chinese New Year, and it's zodiac signs.  Set on the Traditional New Year morning, the Water Snake promotion will be an interesting and remembered experience! XD
It is becoming more clear to me that Zhongue Quanfa is a mix of modern and TCMA.  We often use a mma stance, but step using the 5 Basic Stances.  Although the style has southern roots, there are many high kicks that are used and deep stances such as pu bu(crouching stance).  

Zhongue quanfa journal day 3

3rd day back, we worked with pads to practice a couple punch-kick combos, and then we did solo kick combinations, where sifu asked me to demonstrate the axe kick. He claimed my kick would be a KO, but more importantly, he asked me how I developed it, and I replied with home practice, as I am not allowed to tell anyone the real reason.

Zhongue quanfa journal day 2

The second day back, we worked on forms YAY!  

Zhongue quanfa journal day 1

My return to my gong Fu classes has been glorious, but I'm a little disappointed in the lack of forms we do. Personally, I think forms are a vital part of training, and they are my favorite part. But my classes don't seem to practice them often. To my knowledge, our system has two forms: tiger and snake. If I had the honor to ever create a set for this style, it would include an opening with dynamic tension and stance/ stepping movements, then go straight into tiger style techniques, then blend into crane techniques, and end with fist movements.