Kata Bonanza - 21 April 2012

Well it is that time of the year again where we have a competition called the 'Kata Bonanza'.
Where all the different clubs from different areas get together to compete solely with kata.


So I do realize that I am far more advanced than my hubby and kids, because I started karate long before I met them. I see them train very hard in class and also how quickly they learn.

Old fighters new day

At the age of 32 I have deicided that it is now or never. Plan is to start out training on my own, using what I have learned during my years, and all the tools/helpers I can find.




Seven Foods You Can't Live Without


by Faheem Judah-El ·

Nervous and excited for 2012 Training!!

Well, what can I say?! Wow I am so happy and super excited about making the right descision to start my Shotokan Karate training again this year!! It has given me a new lease on life, a renewed sense of self, a new energy and has basically put the life back into my everyday existance!

Feeling the changes is my physical body and also in my spiritual life is great and empowering. Being able to share this with the man I love and all my kids, gives me an even greater feeling of satisfaction.

Equilibrium In Martial Arts

According to the dictionary the term 'equilibrium' can be defined as:

A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system.

Physical Endurance & Muscles

Physical endurance is the time span between the beginning of physical activity by an individual and the termination of activity because of exhaustion.

Wing Chun Blog

My blog about training and thoughts on Wing Chun can be found here.

Important Points - Six (five) Rules

To make sure you understand Karate fully, you need to not only practice the Kata but also gain appreciation of the meaning inherent in each of the various kata. This is discussed in a very good book by Gichin Funakoshi - Karate-do Kyohan.

However this is not what I would like to discuss right at this point. I would like to discuss in great detail the 6 (5) important rules in karate. Knowing these 6 (5) rules are absolutely essential to any person that want to understand the nature of this art.

Life after surgery...

Just got my ACl reconstructed... life is now slightly painful but still blessed:)

Recognizing Nonsense - Myths Around Nukite (Dangerous?)

As I read further in the book by Gichin Funakoshi (Karate-Do - My way of Life),I came upon a chapter discussing myths (Recognizing Nonsense).

DOJO KUN (5 Maxims of Karate)

Karateka seem to forget all about these maxims and the karate way of life, thought it would be a good reminder for all to blog about it!!

Gichin Funakoshi - My Way of Life

I am super excited to receive this book! I do Shotokan Karate and know that it all began with this great man.

Has anyone else read this book?

Benefits of Martial arts for Kids. Yes or No? Which style of Martial Arts is more suitable for kids?

With a bloodcurdling cry, your 6-year-old leaps into the air in a karate kick, raising your hair and blood pressure simultaneously. Before you panic and pad the walls, try channeling this urge into a martial arts class.

muay thai beginners program

At Tiger Muay Thai we begin every morning at 7:00 a.m. with an hour of yoga on the mats with our training camp instructor. Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility, work on your balance, and prevent injuries while training. Guests are welcome to do yoga for 1/2 hour and switch into the running program or technique class when they begin at 7:30 a.m.

Boot Camp Fitness Program7:00 a.m. -8:00 a.m.

Philosophical Thoughts

"The heart of our karate is real fighting.
There can be no proof without real fighting.
Without proof there is no trust.
Without trust there is no respect.

Why I'm choosing escrima as my second art alongside my first love

I have decided to start training in escrima as my "second" art for a couple of different reasons.

My status

i love karate

Capoeira Group Changeover!

So, at the beginning of the year (2012) my Capoeira group has had a complete change over and have become part of an even bigger family (oh the excitement!!!) Initially when the group I trained with was founded (in the year 2000) It was founded as Grupo Bantu (I started training in 2007 under that group name). In 2009 (I believe it was '09) my instructor merged our group with his Mestre's group in Brazil (Capoeira Beira Mar) and we changed our name to reflect the merger to Bantu-Beria Mar.

Piotr and the dangers of a confrontation. Plus the dark side of a fight won.

Who is Piotr? He was a security guard in the North of Germany. He was a father. He did his job protecting people. Two of the favourite quotations on his Facebook site read: “Trust is good, control is better.” Lenin 

What's in a logo? My way of teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu!

A lot goes into a logo. Everything; and by the same token as little as possible. For years now, I have had my ideas of what I would like to see in an ideal logo. After almost 28 years, it was time to brand my way of teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu, ... 

may have to postpone till mid january

Just taken on some comission painting work for my other vice of warhammer so may have to wait till that's done before I start at the gym as painting eyes on a tiny ogre will be difficult with fatigued muscles. But it does mean I'll have some extra pennies to pay for the gym.

Two of these bad boys will keep me busy

2012 plans to get fitter

Seethis topic
for a little background on why I started this blog,