World Kickboxing Federation Singapore Gym Wars

World Kickboxing Federation Singapore Championships

Singapore Gym Wars.

Muay Thai Kickboxing competition.

Kickboxing Black Belt Certification

As WKF President, Zen Do Ka Sensei, Peter A. Robertson is organising the 1st Annual "Battle of the Gyms," a series of Amateur kickboxing fights at various locations, commencing in April. The first will be at Budo Academy. Time and dates TBC.

The competition will be light contact. No Elbows or Knees. The object being a measure of skill and technique rather than knockdown matches, so Amateur Muay Thai fighters can compete in a safe environment without worrying about being seriously injured. ONLY.

All contestants will recieve World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) participation Certificates. Winners, second and third place getters in each weight division will recieve trophies and medals and (subject to skill level) will be awarded Zen Do Ka Kickboxing Black Belt Certification. Overall winner will recieve the title of WKF Budo Academy Kickboxing Champion 2011, Certificate and trophy.

The "Battle of the Gyms" Muay Thai competition will continue at other venues every month culminating in the WKF Singapore Championship 2011 towards the end of the year.

The events will be contested in a variety of different environments, from Tatami Mats, Boxing Rings and MMA Cages.

All those interested in competing must become member of the WKF Website at as the first step in the registration process.

Competitors will also be invited to compete in the

WKC All Styles Martial Arts Expo & Championship Tournament.

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