WKC All Styles Martial Arts Expo & Championship Tournament Singapore

Invitation to all Martial Artists, Instructors & Martial Arts Organisations.

The World Karate & Kickboxing Council invites you to register for the

Inaugural Singapore

WKC All Styles Martial Arts Expo & Championship Tournament.

(Date and Venue TBC)

The Tournament will be held to determine Singapore's All Styles Champions eligible to enter the annual WKC World Championships. The most exciting part of the whole event is the fact that it is not limited to a single style or to members of any particular Martial Arts Association. The Championship competitions will be open to ANY Martial Arts Style so there will be Muay Thai Vs Kung Fu Vs Karate Vs Taekwondo Vs Silat Vs Ninjitsui competing under one set of rules.

Sensei Peter A. Robertson, WKC President for Singapore, has been given the job of introducing a new form of competition to Asia. Continuous Light Kickboxing.

The Continuous Light Kickboxing event is a bridge between Muay Thai and Sport Karate - Taekwondo. It combines boxing style punches with kicks that any asian Martial Arts fighter can perform. There are NO elbows, knees or leg kicks allowed and contact is light. These rules make it easy for any Martial Artist to adapt to. This form of competition is very popular in the Western World, because it is accessible to all.

Competition is open to all ages. The rules of the Points Sparring events are the same as “Sport Karate” rules familiar to most local competitors.....Light contact with an emphasis on safety.

Among other events will be Traditional and Extreme Forms or Katas,

Weapons demonstrations, Grappling and Boxing.

The WKC President says

“It's going to be huge! On the schedule of events are demonstrations from all the most popular Martial Arts as well as some from lesser known styles.”

“Interested parties include National Champions in Judo, Ju Jutsui, and Sambo performing demonstration matches alongside Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, and Silat Champions.

Special guests will include Movie and TV personalities, Brazilian Capoiera performers, Ninjitsui and Thai Boxers.”

Sensei Peter and The World Karate & Kickboxing Council aim to break down the walls that divide Martial Artists of different styles and bring them together in friendly competition at the

1st Singapore WKC Championship Expo.

The Martial Arts scene is stifled by politics and division. It's time to come together and experience the freedom of competing against different styles. Fight for yourself, your Martial Arts Style, Club or Organisation and the chance to

Fight For SINGAPORE at the WKC World Championships.

Registration is open to ALL Martial Artists, whether they represent themselves,

their club, style or organisation.

to register for the Singapore WKC Tournament/Expo go to www.worldkickboxingcouncil-singapore.webs.com for details.

The WKC World Championships 2010 are over and congratulations go first to All competitors and medal winners for their fantastic performances and to Dr Peter Lewis and everyone at the WKC who put the show together. It was a great event with a host of competitors and spectators from countries all around the world.