Why I'm choosing escrima as my second art alongside my first love

I have decided to start training in escrima as my "second" art for a couple of different reasons.
Firstly I've always been a lover of martial arts in general regardless of style (though there are some I may prefer over others) At one point in my life... I wanted to learn every martial art I got the opportunity to...and I researched all I could and dabbled heavily when I could train.
Once I found capoeira...it satisfied me and I only wanted to focus on it for a while without having to make a serious commitment to anything else. Though I did get get some time to dabble in between, training some in kick boxing (for free...couldn't resist!) as well as Brazilian Jujitsu for a period (also for free :) ). During that period when I was able to cross train again... I realized how much I missed dabbling in other arts and I decided that once I could find a time slot that didn't interfere with my main art...that I would pick up a second one as long as I felt it was complementary. So the hunt was on!
I thought about it and after much consideration...I narrowed it down to a few arts that I thought would compliment my capoeira: boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, wrestling, krav maga and escrima. I could find all these easily in my area... but escrima won!
So why did escrima win...simply because I found love for bladed weapons years ago. I love collecting them, I love playing with them... so escrima just seemed like the right thing to do :) but not only that. Escrima is also more complete than boxing, wrestling and BJJ as it also employs kicking, boxing, various locking and grappling skills all on top of weapons! The part about blending the weapons into capoeira also really appealed to me...as of course I will find ways to blend the blade and stick work in eventually down the road :) But also in the history of capoeira...there had been a lot of skills with blades (razors, knives, daggers, machettes, etc...) and sticks that has since gone away...and then there is maculele (a performance art done with sticks or machettes by capoeiristas). There, you have all the reasons escrima won!
Though the other styles were also very simple and effective styles to learn and would have also complimented capoeira well in my opinion... I think I will really enjoy and have fun with escrima...plus it is very effective and compliments as well. But not to worry...I still plan on dabbling here and there in other arts as I can... just as long as it doesn't interfere with my capoeira or escrima...and capoeira will always be my first love and main art :)