When Negativity enters the dojo?

Hitotsu Jinkaku Kansei ni tsutomuru koto (Seek perfection of character)

Hitotsu Reigi wo omonzuru koto (Respect others)

Two simple principles to read and say but as I have noticed perhaps not as easy to do and internalize. Upon entering the dojo for the first time, I did not know what the Dojo kun was nor what it stood for. But that is a beginner experience I am sure most people may have gone through. Those five principles plus the Niju kun's own are what make Shotokan a way of life as well as a self defense system. I read everything I could about shotokan and those first three months I changed from a simple trainee to one who wanted to live up to what Gichin Funakoshi saw as ideals for a humble, peaceful and near perfect way of life. You are probably wondering, so what is the negative part? Well as I have come to see, as much companionship as I have gained from a good deal of those in the dojo, there is still negativity there. Not from the senseis but peers. Expected, we are all human and opinions speak louder for some than facts can.But in a place such as the dojo should we not be trying to cultivate the spirit that makes us a shining example to those that see us as we practice. So why play around and converse in the dojo? Why be jealous of another's accomplishments instead of using it to pull us forward and ahead? How can you be rude in front of the Picture of Gichin Funakoshi and the Dojo kun?
Have you ever experienced negativity in the dojo? If so can you tell me what you have done or at least what you thought was right?