What's in a logo? My way of teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu!

A lot goes into a logo. Everything; and by the same token as little as possible. For years now, I have had my ideas of what I would like to see in an ideal logo. After almost 28 years, it was time to brand my way of teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu, ... 


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A logo means a lot or at least it should. When a person looks at a logo of a martial art school... I think that logo should sum everything up there is about what's being taught there. It's a representation of the school in "picture" form. What made you chose the logo you did?
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Very good points you mention here. To sum it up, I wrote a blog post about the development of the logo. You can find it here: realisticselfdefense.net/blog/index.blog/2249465/what39s-in/ Thanks for asking!
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Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. I read it and think it's an awesome background on how you came around to choosing your logo. Great choice!