What if?

The question in my mind, is what if I had joined karate at an earlier stage of my life? How would it have affected me? I surely would not be the same person;is what comes to mind instantly. Half the things that occurred in my life, may never have come to be and perhaps I would have found the happiness as well as confidence I have now, much earlier. Would my resolve be the same as it is now? I do not know that for sure, I was always a dedicated person but who knows. A couple of my friends have been in martial arts before I was bornor at least have years more experience than me, so I wonder, would I have turned out something like they have?
I am proud to be a karateka now, and in this short year I have accomplished more meaningful things at once than I could have before in the state I was in, I guess I was allowing the whole self fulfilling prophecy to get to me. That brings up another what if. What if, I believed when people said that I could not do this? I should give up or I was going too soon enough anyway? Well I would not be the most outstanding Shotokan Karateka in my dojo for 2010 nor have skipped a belt or even have become a purple belt in the time that I did(a capable one at that, so I have been told by friends, peers and senseis alike) It is strange when we sit and reflect and realize how much we have changed and how much we have done as well but also how close we came to never achieving them. If I had listened to those people, I would have quit and believed I could not be a martial artist of any sort. Thank God that is another what if moment and nothing else but that.


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I find myself thinking on "what if" questions from time to time also. But every time I do, no matter how better or how worse that "what if" would be, I decide that thinking on the past is pointless and to just live in the present. That's all there really is anyway; yesterday is gone and tomorrow's not promised. What is Niju kun? And what is dojo kun? Is there a deeper meaning to it than just a place where you train?