A weekend jampacked with capoeira

This weekend is a weekend full of capoeira and it's not the last for this month. Currently in a hotel room with my mestre and a fellow student in Atlanta, GA. Just got back from a day full of capoeira workshops and events. I learned a lot. My feet are red and blisterd from training all day on the hard gym floor (I really need some new martial art shoes). Next capoeira event I'll be going to is in Richmond, KY on the week after next. This is turning out to be a good month!


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I really see your passion for Capoeira! Enjoy your weekend of martial arts, sounds like a great life style you have travelling around involving Capoeira. Have a good one!
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Yes, it's fun traveling to various capoeira events. You get to learn a lot and see a lot within the capoeira world community. I just wish I could do it more often. One goal of mine is to take every opportunity to do this kind of thing as much as possible....as much as money and job will allow at least :D