This Week in Martial Arts (Sept 07, 2010)

This week has not such a good week for martial arts. I got only a little training in, but some good things still happened, and of course there is my Taijutsu class. Thank god for that because I really needed it after training only a little this week.

I didn't train much this week for some legit reasons not just out of laziness or something. Here is a play-by-play of my week: On Wednesday I helped my dad pack up our truck with all of my sisters stuff on it, we drove to Charlottetown (2 hour drive) and unpacked all of her stuff and carried it into her apartment. After we were all done of that I ended up staying the night. I decided that I needed to train that night so I did before bed. I studied my taijutsu book and then I work on a technique called Chi No Kata which teaches a sanshen, pendulum feeling. On Thursday I was still at my sister's and by time I got home I just slept. On Friday I hung out with a couple of my best friends (one of which was moving away the next day). The only training I did that day was with one of my friends. We not very seriously spared and we did some noobish capoeira. It was fun. :P On Saturday I went out in my barn and did a boxing workout. On Sunday my mom and Iwent to Charlottetown to visit my sister and to pick up school supplies for me. I did some simple balance training and aruki well I waited for my mom to pick me up from a book store. On Monday I did some Chi No Kata training and again some Aruki before my sister and her roomates woke up. On Tuesday I went to school, it was my first day in grade 11. Then after school I had Bujinkan class.

There were also two major good things that happened. The first one being me buying the book Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee and starting my Martial Arts library. I am excited to read and learn from it! :) The other good thing to happen is that I have found a Muay Thai club in Charlottetown! I am so physiqued out for this! :) There is of course one other good thing that I did not talk about yet! My Bujinkan Class!

This week in my Bujinkan class we worked on the concept of Empty/Full. I can't really explain it very well yet because I don't fully understand it, but it's something about being relaxed and tensing a part of your body and then making the tense part relax and tensing the opposition part of the area you were tensing before. :P After this we worked on getting out of grabs and chokes. We did this by using our body and "opening the door" to get out instead of just trying to pull the persons hands away from you. :P

This is my week in martial arts. It sounds much better than I thought it was when I first started writing this blog but there still could have been a lot more training! Thanks for reading!

-Nathan MacDonald


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Sounds like a busy yet interesting week! Thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity I looked up videos of chi no kata. Looks like some good stuff! Also, Tao of JKD is a great book. Good way to start off your martial arts library! It was also the first book I added to mines a few years ago. You'll learn a lot from it. Enjoy and continue to train hard~
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Hi Nathan could you please educate me about TaiJutsu, what is it and what does the word or words mean? Empty and full play a very important role in Taijiquan to prevent you from becoming double weighted. The body must have an empty and full, yin and yang within every movement, is this what they was talking about in your Bujinkan class?