Off for a week!

Post#2: I'm off for a week...well, after today! I'm on duty tonight, so when I get off in the morning, I'll be heading to my home state of South Carolina! The occasion isn't that great though. My dad will be having surgery after having recently finished up his kemo treatment for cancer. On the bright side though, there is this capoeira group not far from where I grew up (about a 35 min drive)that did not exist there before. I think it's only been there for a couple of years now or so, and I'm excited about visiting it while I'm down. I'm going to see if I can train there for the week that I'm down. Looking forward to training and learning with a group that's not my own. It should be interesting. I just wish this place was around when I was growing up. Maybe I can make it my regular training spot when I'm in my hometown visitng! Like...a home away from home.... Anyway....that's all for now~


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Well, I'm back in Jacksonville, FL. The great news is that my dad's surgery went okay. He's still in the hospital and hopefully will be released soon, but everything went well and he is doing good. The disappointing news is that I didn't get to visit this capoeira group that is now near the area where I grew up. Oh well, though that wasn't my main reason for going home, it would've been nice. But I just didn't have the time with all that was going on. It's okay though, there will be other times when I visit home with more time I'm sure of it. All in all, just being off of work for a couple of days felt good. Back to work after the weekend. Maybe some capoeira on the beach during the weekend :)