tonights the night! or "learning how to wait that little bit longer!"

well, did the sparring componant to my 2nd gup gradding on Thursday night, pretty solid session against an senior chodanbo and a blue belt. both hard blokes but good fun and very physical but fair.
hurt my l/h little toe... don't know how or in what way, thought it may have been broken but it is improving a bit more now. got a very good 'corkey' to my l/h upper quad. still painfull now 3 1/2 days later!

on the saturday classes i was still hobbling a bit as was the chodanbo i'd sparred -as he was also gradding- i would have had a go at the other requirements if asked, but as we were both still moving poorly it was agreed we'd do the 2nd parts tonight at 8pm. i can't wait as i've really trained up well for this one and my ego is enjoying the extra bit of seniority a red belt acknowledges; not to be a braggart, just that i have put in so much work against the odds i'm just proud of my unwavering commitment and effort.

have continued to ride my bike to work in a bid to work out the corked thigh and while i thought i was doddling this morning, it appears the cardio is certainly improved. due to not being able to grade on saturday i took on a challenge from the challenge sheet- 4 x 3 minute rounds: 2 hands only, 2 with any/everything.
i gave it my absolute all and found i recovered well in the 30 second break and pulled up well at the end...thanks cycling for that extra that you've allowed me.

Filipino sticks are coming along really well too. have done 3 classes in the week and it shows when i am intructing the kids Master class, i'm starting to get my footwork matching my feet so much more now and am able to do things while explaining to others without messing up my rythm... practice pays!