So I do realize that I am far more advanced than my hubby and kids, because I started karate long before I met them. I see them train very hard in class and also how quickly they learn. The kata are easy to learn and remember but when it comes to stance, body and feet movement, blocking with closed hips and punching with open hips, there is training to be done.

I have taken it upon myself to teach them at our home dojo. This is the right thing to do and gives me great pleasure, it is the best feeling when you see the looks on their faces of happiness for being able to finaly do a certain technique, stance or whatever it may be!!

I have also found interesting ways of training them with regards to body posture and arm movements. They tend to swing their arms wide open almost around the body from hip into punch and from punch back to hip position! I made my girls stand with their shoulder against the our backyard wall so that they don't have any space to swing those elbows and arms around. This way we practice arms close to the body from hip to punch and back to hip.

Then I have them stand with their backs against the wall in order to practice punching without pulling the whole shoulder and arm forward. This also helps with straight back (posture) for them.

Practicing stances, the front stance always seems to be the most difficult for people to learn, I don't know why, for me it was the easiest. They struggle to bend the front leg and keep the back leg straight. Then we also have the problem of a space between the legs, for balance. I probably have my girls and hubby walking up and down a double line into stance for 30 min non stop.

There are other aspects as well that we work on like kata etc.

It truely is amazing for me to explain stances and punches and blocks and how we execute then and why etc. It makes them understand better and they do it once after my training and they are like now we see and understand why we could never get it right or why we didn't have balance and so on.

They are good kids and are as commited as myself and hubby, so I make sure to help and cultivate the spirit of karate and martial arts as far as I can.

Lots more to do, will report back in a week with progress!