Tai Chi and fitness.

I am learning Tai Chi and want to record my progress here.
Hopefully you will find it interesting, and I will find it useful to blog.

I usually only go to Tai Chi classes once (or less :)) a week.
This week I went twice, and despite the pain in my leg muscles which I worked through,(after doing class twice in a week) I felt very satisfied,euphoric almost after the class.
I feel I am making good progress, despite being a novice.

The next day I awoke, prepared for feeling stiffness and some amount of pain in my legs, but very surprisingly (I have some workout experience over the years) I had no pain / stiffness in the muscles which had been screaming at me yesterday at the TC class.

I dont know if this is because my Chi is moving better, my hub' seemed to think it was because I was getting fitter.I am stretching more at home as well.
Regardless of the reason, I was very pleased.
Walking around today (I do alot of walking) I felt no pain and only slight discomfort on crouching.
yay I must be getting fitter!! :)