Water is life, and thoses things which contains more water are more "TEFNUT", and those things that are drier are more "Shu" in nature. Quantitatively, water is the most important compound in our body, but in excess it can reduce our vitality, since this means a dilution of blood (anemia). It lowers our body temperature and our cells become limited in sustenance. Our heart and kidneys become tired, for they are compelled to overwork.

Chemical and industrial refined sugars differ from the natural variety which contains all the minerals, proteins, oils, and vitamins we need to maintain our vitality. Refined sugar completely lacks these elements. Besides, it contains many chemical products that are very detrimental to health. Sugar is the greatest evil that modern industrial civilization has introduced in the macrobiotic countries of the Far East and Africa. It is much more murderous than opium and wars, particularly for those who eat rice as their principle food. For in the body sugar turns into water and CO2; both decrease the amount of "Shu" elements in our blood and increase the proportion of K/Na (potassium/salt).

The culinary preparation of food makes this physical and chemical transformation of vegetables into real human compounds easy, thanks to the "Shu" factors (salt, fire, pressure, dehydration). This is why the utilization of fire (Set) and the discovery of salt were so important and significant. They made possible the best and the worst of human civilization, which differentiates man from the animals. This unique system of Tefnut (moister) and Shu (drier) functions unceaseingly in our digestive organs; carbohydrates (the most Shu) are digested by saliva in the mouth (the most Tefnut location); protein (more Tefnut than carbohydrates, but more Shu than fats) by secretions produced by the stomach (which is more Shu in location than the mouth); and oils and fats (the most Tefnut) in the intestines (the most shu in terms of location).
Our Sacred life is a transmutation of Tefnut colors to Shu ones. Our health, happiness, and freedom depend on that transmutation.

Our Sacred Life is a simple life- Kemetic life

The secret of life is regaining our Sacred life through our Sacred knowledge, and applying our Sacred Principals.
This is Life! Here is one of life's greatest secrets- transmutation!
We have Re-membered Asuar, or the secrets of life.

Death is faulty diet.


To offer to the Western World a key to the Sacred Life Principals, and science of the Ancestors, one which at the time opens the mysterious door of the so-called "Primitive Mentality", is a daring gesture to make for a Kemetic. This key is "MAAT" the "universal law", the "unique principle" of Ancient Kemetic Sacred Life and science for thousands of years.
The only law of Sacred Life Healing is explained as: man is the result of his environment. In other words, to maintain natural and perfect health, human beings must feed themselves on the products which nature offers him in the very same proportions as they are naturally produced. This refers of course, to the natural, organic, or traditional products which might be found within a 50 mile radius from his home or community.

Our body consumes energy at the expense of the carbon introduced into our system by our food. The cells, the units of our constitution, destroy and reproduce themselves constantly, always using food as fuel. Life may be considered as a fluid falling through the cellular terrain.
Everything that modern medicine considers as a symptom has little importance in Sacred Life Healing. What was sought was the deep cause of the illness, and neither heredity nor microbes are the cause in this respect.
There are only two categories of illness.1. Tefnut disease, due to an excess of Tefnut- water/moister elements.2. Shu disease, due to an excess of Shu-Drieness elements. All medicine as well as all therapeutic agents also fall into two categories. The Tefnut ones heal Shu disorders; the Shu ones heal Tefnut disorders. But it must not be taken as a standard dictionary classification. That is why no medicine is more difficult to thoroughly grasp or teach than the Sacred Life Healing Concepts. Tefnut and Shu classification, as in chemistry, is always relative.
All the medications are natural products of such great variety and number that they have to grouped into three categories by their efficiency and manner of action: lowest, middle and superior.
Those of the lowest group are comparable to those of modern pharmacology, which is to say, they are the most effective in the shortest amount of time, but always eventually harmful and dangerous.

The middle medications are closer to the category of daily food. These are secondary products of the environment and, in general, still a far cry from the superior medications, which are direct products of the natural environment and can heal perfectly.

The superior medication is daily food with which one can achieve perfect health and happiness.
The Sacred Life Healing Concepts of Ancient Kemet consider the living being the transformation of his nutrition, and any illness as a phenomenon of imbalance that has occurred in the course of his transformation. (Khepe-Ra - Coming into being) Consequently, The Sacred Life Healing Principal is: every illness cures itself by an adjustment of diet. In application the treatment is also quite simple, First in spirit, mind-will, and body.

Hotep! Peace ! Shalom!

Kemet Proverbs From the Medu Neter of Abtu

"Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion”

"The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth [is] Nature."

" For every joy there is a price to be paid"

" What you are doing does not matter so much as what you are learning from doing it"

"If you search for the laws of harmony, you will find knowledge"

"If you are searching for a Neter, observe Nature"

"Exuberance is a good stimulus towards action, but the inner light grows in silence and concentration"

"Not the greatest Master can go even one step for his disciple; in himself he must experience each stage of developing consciousness. Therefore he will know nothing for which he is not ripe"

"The body is the house of RA. That is why it is said, "Man know thyself."

Maat - Balance, Harmony, Order
Shu - counter to Tefnut principals that are one- Dry
Tefnut - counter to Shu principals that are one-moister