Recognizing Nonsense - Myths Around Nukite (Dangerous?)

As I read further in the book by Gichin Funakoshi (Karate-Do - My way of Life),I came upon a chapter discussing myths (Recognizing Nonsense).

Here Gichin discusses certain myths around super human strength and skill. Gichin says he heard someone profess: "In karate we have a kata called (Nukite). Using only the five fingers of one hand, a man may penetrate his adversary's rib cage, take hold of the bones and tear them out of the body."

Gichin further writes that these people claim they are able to do so through a certain training. "One begins to train for it by thrusting one's finger into a cask full of beans every day for hours and hours, thousands upon thousands of times. At first one's finger will become lacerated by the exercise, and one's hand will bleed. Then as time after time the blood coagulates, the shape of one's finger will alter grotesquely. Eventually the sensation and pain will dissapear. Then the beans are replaced with sand, then pebbles and then finally lead pellets."

So that at the end of all this strenuous training, one will apparently be able to shatter a thick slab of wood, crush a heavy stone and pierce the hide of a horse.

Hehehehehe, this is all very funny to me and truely sounds so far fetched. But yet there are many people who believe these types of stories and there are so many that are like the ones I mentioned above.

But then again I have read many times about karateka all over the world that are able to brake wood and pierce mellons! I just think the degree to wich they can do this is limited. Do you think someone can pierce the skin of another person with their fingers and rip their rib bones out???

A point made by

"To strike the vulnerable areas mentioned above, the fingers do not have to be trained to become hard. A simple jab to these areas can cause a great deal of pain. If struck slightly hard to the throat, breathing difficulties can occur or maybe blindness when struck to the eyes."
So why go through all the strenuous and painfull training??

"Nukite is a very dangerous technique and must be used with great care in training, it should only be used with full contact, in extreme self defence situations."

I just feel why the heck would you want to use your fingers when you can use your fists!?!? I think it's easier and has greater impact.

Of course as always I would like to hear your point of view..


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Nice blog topic! This would make a great forum topic too I think. I've seen a lot of myths out there within varioius styles from Karate, to Kung-fu, to Capoeira and so on. It's great to recognize and be able to distinguish between what is real and what is myth and the truth behind the myth.
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Maybe I am just being a bit blonde, lol, but I don't know how to put it on the forum, how to start new threads, posts etc. So I blog about whatever I want to say.. Thanks for the comments on my blogs though. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.